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Black Tiger General Trading (BTGT)  selling in the Middle East under the trade name (BTGT), and in partnership with local and international suppliers . Through partnership and obtaining of exclusive agencies products,(BTGT) will establish a Middle East retail and contract presence, through the establishment of an Abu Dhabi based showroom , operating under the brand name BTGT .It will be the regional flagship showroom, and will have the entire services and products under its roof, including future planned manufactured products i.e. pipes, etc… and will be the model showroom to be used in developing further showrooms in the region. It will also have a Contract sales office that will work on developing the contract business in the UAE and the region, through working with consultants, major Oil & Gas contractors. It will also have a dedicated sales team that will focus on developing the retail distribution network in the region, with the aim of establishing  showrooms in all the major capitals of the region (Riyadh, Kuwait, Bahrain, Doha, Muscat).It would become the point from which the regional presence and activities would be launched, with the strong brand and image presence created through the Abu Dhabi Showroom.